Award winning e-learning production since 1996

Since its inception in 1996, OCB Media has focused on making e-learning more effective and affordable for our clients. Although the technology that helps us deliver this has changed over the years, our central vision of producing training material that is accessible, flexible and affordable has remained the same.

Our mission is to:

  • help academics, clinicians and industry develop high quality medical e-learning materials
  • ensure that all developments are supported by an underlying evidence base
  • evaluate e-learning outputs and, where possible, to assess effectiveness and impact on practice

Proven track record as trusted partners

Over the years, OCB Media has been partnered with many respected healthcare organisations to develop a wide range of training materials, including the Department of Health, the Royal Colleges, Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs), NICE, NHS Training for Innovation and numerous NHS Trusts.

Projects with academia include work with the Open University, University of Leicester, University of Warwick, Tokyo Medical University, University of Birmingham, Aston University, University of Central Lancashire and University College London.

The clients that OCB Media work with in the pharmaceutical industry are equally impressive, with a portfolio that includes GlaxoSmithKline, Chiesi, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Astra Zeneca, Baxter Healthcare, Sanofi-Aventis, Linde Gas Therapeutics, Servier and Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Unrivalled experience

As a result of long collaboration with academia, the NHS and the commercial sector, OCB Media has developed a unique organisational structure which complements both the needs of the project and our partners. The focusing on ‘units of excellence’ within the company structure allows the individual components of any e-learning project to be developed by dedicated personnel, highly skilled in their individual areas. As such, the competency, competitiveness and quality of individual units can be assessed and modified to the needs of individual projects.

Each unit has direct responsibility for the elements of any project it works on. Such an organisational structure reduces the overall time and cost taken to develop projects, as units can often work in parallel in development. Equally, each unit can be quality assured and assessed throughout all stages of project development.

Award winning

OCB Media has won seven national awards for the quality of its medical e-learning materials, including three from the British Medical Association alone.

To find out how OCB Media can help you with your next project, contact us today.


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