Benefits of elearning

21st January 2016

There are many reasons why more and more organisations are choosing to educate their employees through elearning. In fact for many elearning has transformed the landscape of learning and development.

When compared to traditional modes of learning, there is clear evidence that elearning brings; faster delivery, lower costs, more effective learning and clear measurement. Below we’ve listed the main benefits of elearning:

The quicker and more effective learning allows students to go at their own pace, whether that be quicker or faster than others. This method means that students don’t have to wait for others to finish before progressing. Rosenburg (2001) found that elearning ‘can take anywhere between 25 to 60 per cent less time to convey the same amount of information as in a classroom’.

There are practical limitations on how quickly learning can be performed in classroom based environment. Elearning provides faster delivery, and in an age where speed is everything, the quicker delivery of elearning is an important benefit. The quick process is created by the ease of opening and closing a learning session and the ability for learners to focus on elements of a course which they need to study and skip what they already know.

Using elearning can also save your organisation money. There are no travel expenses, meaning that employees can study at their place of work. Regardless of whether it would be internal or external, a teacher would no longer required. And employees can also learn at anytime and anywhere, shortening the loss of work time.

OCB Media’s e-learning service provides you with the opportunity to create and manage your own learning materials.

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