GP recruitment branded ‘crazy’ by NHS chief

7th October 2014

NHS England’s chief executive has condemned the government’s GP recruitment strategy over the past decade, stating that is has been ‘crazy’.

This follows statistics that show four times more graduates enter into specialist training than general practice. Doctor Examining Child's Eyes In Doctor's Office

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive at NHS England made the comments in response to questioning by the Public Accounts Committee, stating that recruitment trends were to blame for the pressure now placed upon the NHS. Mr Stevens said that NHS England now has to ‘make coming into GP training more attractive, including attractive relative to hospital medicine’.

The PAC was questioning Mr Stevens following a National Audit Office report which showed that 60% of out-of-hours providers were unable to fill gaps in GP rotas.

Mr Stevens commented: “If someone had said 10 years ago that the NHS’s game plan for the next 10 years is to have between three and four times more hospital consultants added to the roster than GPs, people would have said “that’s crazy”, but that is what has happened.”

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