How to increase learner engagement

18th February 2016

It is often found that tips for engaging elearners are interactive and colourful. For example, including using animations, real-life scenarios, leader boards and certificates can be effective. But with more leaners spending time developing themselves outside of the corporate learning infrastructure, knowing what appeals to them could direct corporates efforts in a more focused way, leading to greater engagement, activity and results.

Below are some tips based on learner preferences to give you the results you require.


Don’t get distracted from the goal

Features such as animations, games and leader boards must be used intelligently. Additions like these can result in you and your learners becoming distracted from the main reason behind the learning.

Ultimately the training is there to make people better at their jobs. And no amount of animations will improve results. Done rightly, these additions can increase engagement, but there must be balance.


Create contextually relevant content

A recent study of over 4,000 businesspersons, found that the preferred way of learning in the workplace was by sharing knowledge amongst the working team. When these stats are mixed with the knowledge that learner are motivated to learn online, it is vital to have contextually relevant content for the best results.

Creating a link between the learning and their work makes it easier to make connections between content and application.


Make it accessible on the go

During downtime, we often go to our mobile devices whether it be when we’re waiting, travelling or filling time. This time can be used effectively by employees to complete their training. And learners are using this time to study modules more and more commonly.

It is no longer forward-thinking or innovative to have a mobile learning and development offering. It is now a must. To not offer mobile learning is a step backwards and shortens the learning windows given to employees.

Make content short, contextually relevant, use video and make it real to them. The learning system must appeal as a place where employees will go to first.


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