Requesting quotes for development of a AICC/SCORM distribution hub

20th July 2018

OCB Media have a library of self-created elearning content tailored to medical professionals and related disciplines. The current method of distribution of these assets is a time consuming and error prone manual process. OCB have an FTP server with folders set up for each client containing copies of the SCORM modules that the client has access to. There is no way to prevent clients from going beyond their allotted number of installations, no stats, no tracking. The update process is inefficient as they have to upload multiple copies of SCORM assets to multiple folders.

Content is distributed to clients via URL or via Oracle’s OLM adapter. The latter is just a directory containing some PHP files which handshake with the client’s elearning platform. OCB use it currently with the FTP server mentioned above. It’s easy to set up and the only complication is that it occasionally needs updating.

OCB need a management system to replace this process. The plan is to start with a simple system which can be built upon over time. In the first instance there would still be some manual intervention by OCB staff which will be detailed below.

Note that the system does not need to actually understand anything about SCORM content. It is purely a way to serve content to third parties while allowing OCB control of who accesses the content, how much they can access it and in what time period.


  • Central library of AICC / SCORM content which cannot be accessed by public.
  • Versioning of assets, so when a new version of a particular module is uploaded the older version remains available.
  • Interception of SCORM telemetry (e.g. via tracking beacon / adapter wrapper) so that completions and other data can be tracked.
  • Analytics to track module completions and any other available telemetry.
  • Serve content via URL access or Oracle OLM adapter.
  • Modular approach so platform can be extended in future.
    • Control panel for OCB staff where they can perform the following:
    • Upload new elearning assets to central library.
    • Add / edit / delete clients and client details.
    • Choose which elearning modules each client can use. This would be done both by number of seats and time e.g. 100 seats for 1 year. OCB would then be able to contact clients that have gone over their allotments. These limitations would need to be adjustable so customers can upgrade.
    • Enable versioning on a per-client basis. When a module is updated clients automatically remain using the older version. OCB staff would contact clients and ask if they want to update. If so, client can be flagged to use the newer version.
    • Restrict access via whitelist of IPs (or some other mechanism).
    • “Big red button of doom” – terminate client access to modules immediately e.g. in case of non-payment.

The above are the requirements for the first iteration. Beyond that we would be looking to automate as much of the behaviour currently carried out by OCB staff as possible, add client facing pages to allow them to control their own access and purchase, etcetera. Ultimately it would be a complete content distribution platform where clients can choose their modules, pay online, etcetera.

OCB Media is inviting quotes from suitable suppliers.  The closing date for applications is the 15th August 2018.  We are happy to provide further information – please contact us on 0116 2855993.