Requesting quotes for development of a blended learning booking system

20th July 2018

OCB Media has an internally developed Learning Management System (LMS), version 5 of which is due to be released in August 2018. The LMS has met with great success and is provided under licence to an increasing number of clients. The current iteration of the LMS is predominantly engineered to deliver a fully online learning experience, with e-learning modules supported through the inclusion of ancillary processes including customisable learner pathways, reflective diaries, written assessment upload and marking, mentor validation, formative assessments and user feedback. There is now a need to extend this functionality to include a face-to-face booking system.


OCB Media are looking to commission a supplier to develop a dedicated face-to-face booking system for integration into version 5.0, to be released as version 5.1.

Research has been undertaken to determine if a suitable tool is currently available on the open market. Whilst there are a number of booking systems they are not suitable due to one, or both, of the following primary issues:

  • Inability to handle fully blended courses with multiple assessment modes alongside conditional trigger states in customisable learner pathways.
  • Inability to customise the user interface to integrate/align with existing LMS design and operational parameters.

It is essential that the selected supplier can address these needs in order to be considered for the project.


  • Booking system must integrate with current LMS style and coding framework.
  • The system must be able to run in both direct (face-to-face session only) and blended (face-to-face session and associated e-learning materials).
  • The system must be configurable at a course level to allow for learning requirements/triggers/grand parenting of digital assets to form part of a progressive learning pathway for individual learners.
  • Booking system to be designed and implemented using core OCB Media LMS modular design process and able to operate in isolation as a discrete functional module.
  • Face-to-face booking tool must have the following key functions:
    • Session creation tool, to include course information, location, supporting information/linked e-learning assets.
    • Session management tool, to allow for assignment of seats and mentors.
    • Session assessment tool, to integrate existing LMS assessment functions as part of a face-to-face delivered courses.
    • Session booking tool, a user interface to allow learners to select, book on, withdraw and contact mentor forms.
    • Session attendance tool, an additional tool to be developed as a web application for use on mobile devices, allowing course mentors to register attendance and have this data fed through to the LMS in order to update the course attendee list.
    • Integration with LMS e-commerce tool. The course booking element needs to align with the LMS e-commerce tool so that users can pay to book on to a course. Paying learners will not be able to access the course until payment (Woo commerce/Stripe/PayPal) has been received and verified.       This should be a wholly automated process.
    • Cohort communication tool to allow mentors to message course cohorts en mass regards changes to course details.
    • Course cloning tool – ability to clone an existing course in order to modify as a new course, without the need to create each course de novo. As such the booking tool needs to have a repository of current and previously delivered course templates.
  • Redevelopment of the current OCB Media LMS website will also be required in order to:
    • Raise awareness of this new functionality as part of the overall version 5 update cycle.
    • Provide examples of currently available courses that can be booked on to and routes to.
    • Have top level booking functionality, i.e. a learner is not required to register with the LMS first in order to book a course, they can book directly through the website.
    • A client management tool to allow clients to access the site in order to manage their bookings.

The above are the requirements for the first iteration. Beyond that we would be looking to automate as much of the behaviour currently carried out by OCB staff as possible, add client facing pages to allow them to control their own access and purchase, etcetera. Ultimately it would be a complete content distribution platform where clients can choose their modules, pay online, etcetera.

OCB Media is inviting quotes from suitable suppliers.  The closing date for applications is the 15th August 2018.  We are happy to provide further information – please contact us on 0116 2855993.