The top e-learning stats for 2014

11th April 2014

Here are the top e-learning statistics for 2014, as collated by eLearning Industry 

Worldwide the e-learning industry is estimated to have grown from $35.6 billion in 2011, to $56.2 billion in 2014, and is forecast to double by 2015.

  • Companies are reporting that e-learning has become the second most valuable training method used, which is unsurprising considering that businesses can save over 50% by using an e-learning course instead of a traditional tutor led one.
  • It’s estimated that by 2019, half of all university classes will be based upon e-learning.
  • E-learning uses 90% less energy than a traditional course, making it very environmentally friendly; the amount of CO2 emissions per student is reduced by 85%.
  • There is rapid growth in the e-learning markets of Malaysia and Vietnam, with an estimated 5 year annual growth rate of 17.3% in the Asian e-learning market.
  • Companies who use e-learning tools could potentially boost their productivity by as much as 50%, as seen by an IBM report.
  • E-learning has the potential to increase retention of information by up to 60%.
  • Nearly 25% of employees leave jobs because there is not enough room for training or development, whilst companies who offer e-learning are able to generate 26% more revenue per employee.
  • A recent survey has found that 72% of companies used e-learning to keep them up to date with their industry, allowing them to hold their own in a competitive market.

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