4 elearning training trends for 2016

22nd February 2016

There have been many proven benefits to using elearning in comparison to traditional methods of learning. This is the reason that many more companies are choosing to adopt elearning. It is now important that these companies follow trends and adjust the programs to maximise the effectiveness of their training.

Here is a list of some of the top elearning trends of 2016:



The use of game systems to encourage participation is an instructional design trend which is expected to become the visible in the majority of e-learning modules in 2016. Deloitte University Press (hyperlink) have predicted that gamification will grow to become a $2.8 billion business this year.

Previously, games used in elearning were seen as boring. However with new technology available now games can be created that are educational and fun. The result of this is content which engages the user. Once learners assume an active role in knowledge reception, they improve their chances of remembering it.


Mobile friendly

Mobile has become an essential part of employees’ daily lives. The mobile elearning market (mlearning) is growing rapidly and is used to reach the audience which find handheld learning more convenient. The number of companies using mobile learning is expected to grow exponentially is 2016.

To emphasise its benefits, the Department of Defence produced a study which compared desktop elearning with mobile friendly mlearning. The conclusive results showed that 85% of participants claimed that the courses should be available on mobile. The main benefits listed by the participants were its; convenience, scheduling flexibility, portability and interactivity.


Adapting the program

Adaptive and competency modules serve to allow employees to test materials before beginning the course; this removes information which is unnecessary and already familiar to that individual. The purpose of this is to keep skilled employees engaged and prevents wasting time reviewing material which they are already knowledgeable of.

By focusing on new areas that can be improved, the learner can master content faster, saving the company time and money.


Cloud based systems

Whereas before it was infrequently used due to unreliability and concerns over security, cloud based learning systems are becoming the norm. Companies are now increasingly happy to embrace the functionality of the cloud.  The advantages of instant data analysis, home working, country or worldwide learning make is easier, cheaper and more effective. So thanks to this and its generally uncomplicated maintenance, perceptions are now changing.


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