National Early Warning Scorecard

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OCB Media was tasked with the development of a free web-based e-learning programme, to support the dissemination and learning for all staff in the use of the National Early Warning Scorecard (NEWS) observation charts and scoring system.

The National Early Warning Scorecard (NEWS) was published in 2012 by the Royal College of Physicians with the aim of standardising the response to, assessment of and, monitoring and treatment in the acutely ill.

OCB Media worked with the NEWS Educational Sub-Group of the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Nursing, National Outreach Forum, and NHS Training for Innovation to create the initial package in 2012, and have since worked on 3 updates to reflect the most recent research findings around patient care.

To date, over 50,000 NHS staff have successfully completed the NEWS e-learning programme, with over 2,500 new users registering with the site each month.


project challenges

OCB Media was commissioned to design and develop the NEWS e-learning programme, in order to ensure the correct dissemination of information to all NHS staff.
A key requirement of the e-learning programme was that learners could gain a certification of achievement, to guarantee that all staff met the basic required level of knowledge prior to completion.

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Working with OCB Media in the development of the updated National Early Warning Score (NEWS 3) continues to be a very productive partnership. Nic Blackwell and his highly competent team are a pleasure to work with. They combine very high professional standards with clear sensitivity and realism for user needs. This has resulted in a truly remarkable uptake of the package by the NHS.

Dr. Maire Smith
Director of Training for Innovation/North West London CLAHRC



The NEWS e-learning module was developed through iterative instructional design and collaboration between the multi-professional subgroup, educational technologists and end-users. The e-learning was created in both HTML 5 and Flash formats to ensure compatibility with NHS systems and then distributed through a dedicated, standalone learning management system.

The final iterations were publicised widely by the sub-group members and their constituent professional bodies and organisations to encourage uptake.

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Benefits of the NEWS e-learning programme are its relevant case-based content, free and easy web-based access, and instant certification of successful completion.

Learners are now able to meet requirements at a time that is convenient for them, and learners throughout the UK receive standardised information.

A research programme in collaboration with the North West London Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) investigating user engagement and knowledge application of the NEWS e-learning material is currently in progress.

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