Developing engaging, effective e-learning is more affordable than you would think

Whilst it’s pretty clear that online training works out to be less expensive than traditional classroom based training, you might be surprised at just how dramatically different the prices actually are, and how easy it can be to create an online programme.

It’s important to take the many cost saving factors into account. Some that are not often considered are the cost of potential travel times, disruption to the normal working day, expenses and staff cover. By working with OCB to develop e-learning specific to your needs virtually all of these costs disappear.

Putting these saving to one side, the actual cost of e-learning development has also dropped dramatically over the past few years. The majority of OCB Media’s clients have managed to both build AND deliver e-learning to replace a traditional face-to-face session for a significantly lesser cost than running the same face-to-face session for another year.

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