Technical architecture
Understanding what you want is often very different from understanding exactly how you are going to get there. Every project has its own challenges, and a lack of understanding of the new technologies (from the use of Flash, to the utilisation of social media and delivery on mobile devices) can delay or reduce the effectiveness of your new project. Whether you are looking to deploy a new learning management system, incorporate content into an existing system or simply wish to develop a standalone resource, you need to be reassured that your creation is fit for purpose by the end users.

Creative design
As well as being educationally sound, any e-learning resource has to be both engaging and straightforward to use – this is the remit of our creative design team. Through review and modification, these designs are developed to ensure that they meet all the aims of the project. We believe that this design element is not about ‘window dressing’ or a last minute afterthought, the creative design of any e-learning resource is central to supporting the learning process.

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